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Engaging today's challenges


Clarence Hill, Jr.

Unity, cooperation, and measurable, long-term success will never come out of the polarizing language and beliefs that divide us. Experience a message of depth, insight, and practicality that creates a bridge to impact.

Leadership Culture

Developing leaders can be an intentional and strategic process. Everyone has untapped leadership potential. Our families, schools, businesses, and cities are full of dormant potential waiting to be awakened. A life of greater meaning and solutions to hard problems are within reach.

Stronger Together

Government entities, businesses, and faith communities gain a tremendous advantage by discovering shared values and working together for the common good. The most challenging social ills pale in comparison to the potential of unified and strategic efforts. Join us at our next Stronger Together event.

The message put it all into perspective. Thank you.
— RA



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Areas of Engagement

Celebrate marriage

Our city continued to hold one of the top three places for highest divorce rate. Over two hundred joined in our covenant walk to encourage couples to stay together and singles to commit to abstinence until marriage.

eye to eye community

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Our Eye to Eye Marriage team facilitated monthly events, Sweetheart Balls, marriage studies, and retreats. Fun, friendship, and commitment brought us ten years without one divorce.

Strengthening Men

Men were challenged at the Rewired Men's conference to discover solutions before a crisis takes place.

Racial Reconciliation

The day after a mixed group of 70 leaders watched the movie Selma on opening night, an amazing time of reconciliation took place. Through Stronger Together and other partner efforts, multi-cultural teams like these are addressing community disparities together.

Forums and Q & A have been effective methods for addressing the race conversation in organizations, schools, and churches.

justice conference

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Our annual Justice Conference draws leaders from around the city. In partnership with the Oklahoma City County Health Department, we are able to impact the public narrative on justice and compassion.

Dinner Conversation

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A dinner was hosted in the studios of The Oklahoman to share stories on the topic of race. In partnership with Stronger Together the event was hosted by Kelly Fry to further the goal of making Oklahoma a great place for all to flourish regardless of ethnic background.

unity of the faith

Clarence Hill Jr is pictured on the right with respected community transformation leader, Dr. John F. Perkins, Jonathan Hill (Pastor of Church Ablaze), and Wes Lane (President of SALLT - Salt and Light Leadership Training) following the first annual Citywide Unity Service on the campus of Southern Nazarene University.


Over 20 leaders and community members were highlighted at our Celebrate Unity event. By celebrating stories of unsung heroes, ideas are spread, people are encouraged, and we realize that great things are taking place, even in the race conversation.


Cultural values celebrated in the streets will be adapted into the values of society.
— clarence hill, jr


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